Presentations by Malcolm Beattie

Here is a list of some of the presentations and talks I've given whose content is available online. The list is sorted in reverse date order so that the most recent presentation is listed first.

zSeries Hardware Reliability

Given at the IBM zSeries Technical Conference at Noordwijk, Netherlands, 13 May 2004. This presentation is subtitled "The RAS features that put zSeries hardware in a league of its own and their benefit for Linux". RAS is the acronym for Reliability, Availability and Serviceability. The reference to Linux is really just because it was included in the Linux track of the conference and the presentation itself concentrates on the underlying hardware RAS. A lot of the content is taken from the article RAS design for the IBM eServer z900, L.C. Alves et al, IBM Journal of Research & Development, Vol 46, No 4/5, July/Sept 2002.

DB2 and Linux on zSeries: A performance problem and its solution

Given at the IBM zSeries Technical Conference at Munich, 4 June 2003.

Managing Linux under z/VM

Given at Guide SHARE Europe at Warwick, UK, 30 January 2003. Covers some ways of automating and authorising remote access to console and dynamic disk addition.

Mainframes: z/VM and Linux for zSeries

Given at the Oxford University Computing Society at Oxford, 19 November 2002.

Linux on zSeries: Tips, Tools and Tricks

Given at the IBM zSeries Technical Conference at La Hulpe, Belgium, June 2002. A mixed bag of tips and tricks for users and system administrators of Linux systems.

IBM Mainframe Hardware from a Linux Hacker's Viewpoint

Given at the UK Unix Users Group Conference, Newcastle, UK, 8 Feb 2001. Slides available online starting with the thumbnail index or the first slide. A gzipped tarball) of the HTML/images/text is also available. Printable copies are available as one-slide-per-page PostScript (gzipped) or four-slides-per-page PostScript (gzipped).

Apache, mod_perl and Embperl

Given at OxLUG, the Oxfordshire Linux Unix Users Group at Oxford on 3 October 1999. Online talk.

Design and Implementation of a Linux Mail Cluster

Given at the UK Unix Users Group Conference, Aston, UK, 25 Jun 1999. Slides available as PostScript.

Current state of Linux development and commerce

Given at the IT Support Staff Conference, Oxford, 24 Jun 1999. Slides available as PostScript.

The Perl Compiler and Development Environment

Given at the Perl Conference, San Jose, 20 Aug 1997. Slides available as PostScript or Gzipped PostScript.
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