Linux on zSeries

This page contains some of my own work with Linux on zSeries. The official IBM web pages are available for further information.

I co-wrote the redbook "Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: Large Scale Linux Deployment" (SG24-6824) which is available to read online or download directly in PDF format.

I also wrote the "unit record" (ur) Linux kernel device driver which allows you to make use of the virtual card punch, card reader and printer that are usually configured for each Linux virtual machine under z/VM. (For those unfamiliar with the concept, this "punch and reader" interface is a convenient model/metaphor for functionality corresponding to a mixture of /tmp, email, unsolicited file transfer/uploads and such like.) The device driver is officially available for download as part of the "online associated material" with the above redbook. For convenience, I also make it available for download here too. There is also an experimental patch which allows the choice of a non-default CCW when doing I/O to a given device. If you don't know what this means, the patch would be of no use to you.