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This is the home page of Malcolm Beattie.

This page was last checked for believability on 23 April 2006. If you are reading this page a long time after the above date then you ought to be appropriately suspicious of links, facts and data which you think may have changed since then.

Linux on System z ("Mainframes")

I currently work for IBM as a Linux Technical Consultant working with Linux on System z (a.k.a "zSeries" a.k.a. "mainframes"). In addition to the official IBM pages on Linux on System z and System z ("mainframes"), there is a good collection of relevant content and links at My own unofficial web page is provided for convenience.

Presentations, talks and associated material

Here you will find online versions and associated material from some of the presentations and talks I have given.


I became interested in guitar (mainly classical guitar) a couple of years ago. These are my guitar pages where you will find some (beginner) recordings of my (beginner) playing.


Hercules is an open source emulator for the S/360, S/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture architectures used by IBM S/390 and System z servers ("mainframes").

I host here a little compile-and-go utility called offlindr written by Greg Smith which allows one to dump/restore an offline ECKD DASD device to/from a backup file.

Some years ago, I also wrote the following brief help documents but they are probably out of date by now.


Really old stuff.

E-mail: Malcolm Beattie <>