Guide to installing TSO under MVT on Hercules

The following guide is distilled from messages from Jay Maynard, Neil Buckley, Dutch Owen,, Axel Schwarzer and possibly others I have forgotten (in which case, I apologise). Thanks to these people and also to Roger Bowler for writing Hercules itself.
  1. IPL into MVT
  2. Start a writer using the command S WTR,00D,,B
  3. Submit TCAMSTG1. (In other words, type devinit 00a tcamstg1.txt on the Hercules front panel console.) When you download that file, make absolutely sure that you browser does not corrupt the file by line wrapping or such like. The "+" at the end of the LINEGRP line must appear in column 72 exactly (or else it can possibly be omitted since the trailing comma should indicate JCL continuation anyway--I haven't checked). The "D" of "DIAL" in the following line must appear in column 16 exactly.
  4. Take output from the local file pch00d.txt, insert into TCAMSTG2 and submit the resulting job.
  5. Submit TCAMPRCS.
  6. Submit TSOSETUP.
TSO is now ready to run. Whenever you shut down your system, start at the next step to start up TCAM and TSO.
  1. You presumably already have one 3270 console connected (at 190) as your main console. Make another 3270 connection (with x3270 or similar): this will be 191 and is an alternate console. Now make one more 3270 connection: this will be 192 and will be the terminal on which you logon to TSO. If you are not too familiar with using 3270 consoles then see this 3270 console guide. A recommended command line for x3270 is the following, which ensures that x3270 does not pretend to be too modern.
    x3270 -model 3279-2 -port 3270 -sb -sl 96 -tn IBM-3279 herculeshostname &
  2. Back on the main (190) console, start TCAM and TSO as follows:
    S TCAM
    S TSO,,,(,,FORM=ALL)
    F TSO,USERS=20
    S BRDR
    You only need the ,,,(,,FORM=ALL) the first time you start up TSO or when TSO got in a mess and was uncleanly shut down last time (I think). In other words, after the first time you can usually just do S TSO for that command. The message IKJ54012A ENTER LOGON should appear on device 192 (the third 3270 connection you made as described above). If it does not, then try hitting <Reset> and <PA1> on terminal 192 or any other ways of "prodding" it you can think of.
  3. When the message has appeared, hit <Tab> and the cursor will move to the start of the screen. Type LOGON and clear the rest of the typed information in that field. On a real 3270 there would be an "Erase to end of field" key but x3270, at least, doesn't provide a default binding of that function to a real key. You can instead just hit the spacebar until the other text is cleared away. Then press <Enter> and you should see the message IKJ56700A ENTER USERID. Type IBMUSER and hit <Enter> and you should be logged on. Alternatively, you can enter the logon command and username in one go and type LOGON IBMUSER instead of the plain LOGON command.
  4. You logoff with the command LOGOFF. You can shut down TSO and TCAM from the main console (assuming TSO has not locked up which it seems to do fairly often) with the commands P TSO (an abbreviation for STOP TSO) followed by Z TP (an abbreviation for HALT TP). You can then do a normal machine shutdown with Z EOD.
  5. If you want to reconfigure TSO to handle more than one terminal (and hence more than one concurrent TSO user), see Mike Ross's instructions on how to do so.
  6. For further information, type HELP or look at the IBM online manuals. Some of the TSO-related ones which I have found useful are You can also go to the IBM book server library main search page to search for and read other books.
    Author: Malcolm Beattie, <>
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