Recordings from April 2006

These are recordings of me, Malcolm Beattie, playing classical guitar on 9 April 2006. I only started learning guitar a couple of years ago so do not expect much. These are for me and anyone else interested to keep track of any improvements and because I'm also interested in audio recording.

Audio files

The recordings are in MP3 format.

TitleComposerMedia fileComments
Andantino Op.60 No.3Carcassi MP3
Salida del SolKreidler and Kamjunke MP3
Allegro (Am)Giuliani MP3
Estudio (Em)Tarrega MP3 Maximum slush
Study (Am)Aguado MP3
GreensleevesAnon MP3 Slow and stodgy
RomanzaAnon MP3 Plenty of bad mistakes
GreensleevesAnon MP3 Sloppy


The guitar is an Admira Sevilla. The strings are D'Addario Pro-Arte EJ45 normal tension (as if it matters, with my playing).


The recordings were made with an Audio Technica AT2020 microphone positioned 18 inches away, slightly below the level of the guitar and aimed at the 12th fret. (At least, I think it was that; I did try one or two other positions too and I'm not certain which one I ended up with.) The mixer is a cheap-and-cheerful Behringer UB802 (to provide phantom power) and the recorder is a Zoom MRS-8. I recorded dry and then bounced with a gain of about 6dB and a slightly-tweaked "Bright Hall" send/return effect to add some reverb (and that effect also includes a bit of EQ too). I used Audacity to cut up the session and choose the small subset of efforts which were noticeably less bad than the rest. I trimmed out one dire bad note from one of the pieces but did not do any other editing or tidying.

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