Really old stuff

This stuff is so old, it's only around for hysterical raisins.

Linux kernel stuff

Linux kernel stuff I wrote.


My language of choice is Perl and I used to be an active member of the development team for Perl itself, but haven't followed Perl development for a long time now. Here are details of the (now ancient) Perl modules I have written.

My paper "TkPerl-A port of the Tk toolkit to Perl5" (published in the Proceedings of the USENIX Symposium on Very High Level Languages, Santa Fe, October 26-28 1994) is available in PostScript format and PDF format.

WING - Web IMAP News Gateway

WING is an Open Source Apache/mod_perl based system which allows users to access email held on an IMAP server via any web browser. I designed, wrote and implemented this software in my previous job as Unix Systems Programmer for Oxford University Computing Services but am no longer involved with it.


A PAM module to authenticate against an IMAP server.


A script to automate RPM updates.

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